Vetro Design is a company with over 27 years of experience and over 60 employees, operating exclusively with Romanian capital. Our company is a one of the main importers, distributors and exporters of medical and laboratory devices and products, dental products and veterinary, professional cosmetics products for beauty industry and products for cleaning and hygiene from Romania.

As the biggest warehouse of medical and hygiene disposable products in the country, Vetro Design has over 10,000 square meters of storage space, offices and production with dedicated importing and distribution facilities. With a professional team offering efficient services, fast and constant distribution to all customers, all over the European Union territory and also all over the world.

We are manufacturers:

Nationally, we are among the few manufacturers of first aid kits, replacement kits, car sanitary kits DIN 13164 (internationally aproved car first aid kits), emergency kits for dental offices. All products are approved by Ministry of Health and to differentiate itself from competing owes by the quality content ”PRIMA” brand.

In this way we remind you that all institutions and companies are required to have a first aid kit. A person’s life can be saved by owning first aid kit. Make sure you have it.

We offer the optimal solution:

As a direct importer and a manufacturer, Vetro Design offers competitive prices and has a very good knowledge of its product markets. The company also stands out by providing clients with an easy purchasing solution, offering them all needed products from one source, thus saving them time and money. Moreover, all products are subject to a strict quality control and respect the European Union standards.

Our brands:

The company’s main brand PRIMA is well-known in Romania. With over 6,000 articles marketed under this name, all dedicated to organizations operating in the healthcare industry, the brand has created a powerful image since its launch over fifteen years ago.

We launched the ”PRIMA” brand in 2003 out of the need to control the promised quality level and to encourage customers trust in the technical specifications of the products in our offer.

The ”VIORA” brand includes cleaning articles and solutions. Using part of the verb to ”a înviora” (meaning "refreshing", "reviving"), the brand name expresses of the idea of freshness obtained as a result of using our products.

Under the ”ALINTA” brand, there are products for retail sale. It was introduced on the Romanian market in 2007, and the name was chosen as a suggestion of the benefits offered: to alleviate the pain (in romanian "a alina"), respectively to sooth the consumer ("a alinta").

We assure our customers that by purchasing VETRO DESIGN brands, they will benefit from products at attractive prices, wiht a guaranteed level of quality.

Vision, mission and values:

Informative note

VETRO DESIGN S.R.L. with registered office in Veronica Micle Street, no. 20, bl. M6, sc. B, ap. 72, Sector 1, 011044, Bucharest, ROMANIA, identified by Unique Registration Code RO8409931, Trade Register No. J40/3366/1996, informs the interested public, in accordance with the provisions of Decision no. 878/2005, art. 22 lit. e), that by carrying out the activity of wholesale trade of chemical products at the work point in Strada Soldat Constantin Drăgan, no. 20, Sector 3, 032855, Bucharest, there are no consequences for the environment.

No accidental pollution of soil and subsoil, groundwater or atmospheric emissions have been reported. The activity is monitored monthly in accordance with ch. III of Environmental Authorization no. 170/23.03.2012, revised on 11.11.2022 and reviewed annually. We note that all the provisions of the aforementioned environmental permit have been complied with!

We inform you that the PREVENTION AND REDUCTION PROGRAM OF WASTE QUANTITIES GENERATED WITHIN VETRO DESIGN S.R.L. COMPANY has been carried out. on the year 2023 in which the progress of the implemented measures was analyzed!

VETRO DESIGN S.R.L. has the following authorizations and licenses:

- Certificate of technical conformity No.25 for the ADR Kit, issued by IPROCHIM SA;
- Authorization from the Romanian Car Registry No.3018 for Car Kit 0600;
- Certificate of Conformity from the Romanian Car Registry No.3018 for Car Kit 0600;
- Authorization from the Romanian Car Registry No.4691 for Car Kit 1454;
- Certificate of conformity from the Romanian Car Registry No.4691 for Car Kit 1454;
- Registration document for food safety from the Veterinary Sanitary Directorate and for food safety Bucharest No.5879 for Food storage & for food products of non-animal origin;
- Distribution authorization from the National Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Authority No.31 - Authorization to distribute veterinary medicinal products;
- Veterinary sanitary authorization from the National Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Authority No.154 for Storage and wholesale trade of animal feed;
- Registration certificate No.1345864 from ONRC;
- Registration document of the primary supplier of animal health cards No.26 from the National Veterinary Sanitary and Food Safety Authority;
- Operating permit No.6476 from the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices from Romania.