Autoclave Medical Waste Bags

Searching for affordable prices on autoclavable bags? Our disposable Autoclavable bags for biohazard waste are available in different sizes and they’re resistant to 134˚C. The bags can be used in pharmacies, laboratories, and any medical facilities. 


The autoclave medical waste bags can stop contamination and provide high-protection, plus they’re perfect for safe disposal. 


They’re suitable only for single-use and imprinted with a standard biohazard risk warning icon for maximum protection. The bags are tailor-made from polyethylene and designed to offer a microbial barrier, you just have to choose the one that suits your medical needs.


What are the uses of autoclave?

The process of autoclaving is used to sterilize culture media, medical instruments, and numerous other items that can resist at high temperatures and pressures.


Autoclaving is used by medical laboratory specialists to sterilize bacteriological media and kill pathogenic microbes.

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