Medical Paper Bed Sheet Cover

Easy to use and change bed paper roll

The paper towels were specially created for the health field, precisely to guarantee the safety of patients and medical personnel. The roll paper towel is an absorbent, soft, and resistant material. The base materials are natural and synthetic fibers, which are treated to ensure maximum absorption and an effective barrier against contamination.

A great advantage of disposable paper sheets is their ability to absorb natural liquids, even blood, thus protecting the patient's bed and the surrounding environment. For added safety, a waterproof bed cover can also be used. Thus, the patient's space is always kept clean and dry.


Paper roll for effective protection, even for immobilized patients

Also, paper rolls for medical beds are easy to use. They can be quickly replaced between procedures, thus reducing the time and effort required for cleaning and preparing the room. This efficiency in the work process is very important in a medical environment, where time and resources are often limited.

In addition, the paper sheet roll is a more advantageous option compared to the classic versions, made of textile material. Last but not least, they can be used simultaneously with the hospital rubber bed sheet, being ideal even for people who cannot move or who require permanent care.

Vetro Design is the online store where you can find the supplies you need to carry out your medical activity. Opt for paper sheets of different sizes, to ensure quality care and services for patients.

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