In the Sterilization category you can find a wide range of products carefully selected by Vetro Design specialists. This is divided into five other subcategories: Sterilization indicators and accessories; Sterilization bags; Pupinel sterilization; Sterilization paper and medical waste autoclavable bags. Each of these subcategories contains only products approved by the Ministry of Health, which are differentiated from competing ones by the quality of the content of the PRIMA brand.

Sterilization indicators and accessories

This subcategory includes both sterilization indicators such as: formaldehyde sterilization indicators; steam sterilization indicators - Autoclave; strip or double strip chemical indicators of different classes; dry heat sterilization indicators - Pupinel; biological indicators Geobacillus Stearothermophilus steam - Bionova, as well as other accessories necessary for sterilization, such as bag sealing devices for medical sterilization.

Regarding the indicators, sterilization is highlighted by changing the initial color to another color depending on the type of indicator used.

Sterilization bags

In this subcategory you can easily find the most used models of sterilization bags, being available in two different types of packaging: in individual bags or in rolls. Thus, we have self-sealing bags and sterilization rolls, both of which can be used for sterilization with Autoclave and Ethylene Oxide. Correct sterilization is certified by changing the color of the indicator. Both self-sealing bags and bag rolls are made of a plastic for medical use, called transparent laminated film, which comes from a special polyester or polypropylene film and medical paper. The paper used is smooth on both sides, white in color and provides great anti-bacterial protection.

Sterilization paper

This category includes various models, sizes and colors of crepe paper for sterilization, compatible with Autoclave/EO. The paper is resistant, solvent-free, disposable, and the colors are resistant to the sterilization process.

Pupinel sterilization

This subcategory is intended for accessories compatible with Pupinel, such as sterilization bags. They can be found in roll form or individually wrapped. They are made of transparent nylon, have different sizes and are used to sterilize instruments.

Medical waste autoclavable bags

Autoclavable bags for medical waste are indispensable in medical offices, as a wide selection of sizes is required, therefore in this subcategory you can find all the sizes necessary for the compliant disposal of consumable products in any medical office. All the autoclavable bags present in this subcategory are transparent, made of polyethylene, single-use and resistant to temperatures up to 134˚C, being marked with the biohazard icon.


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