Choose quality materials for your dental practice

Dental practice supplies: three words that aim to best describe the products specially designed to meet the needs of modern dental offices. We offer an extensive selection of products for the dental office that include all the types of materials and dental supplies necessary to help you ensure quality treatments for your patients.

With a firm commitment to quality and performance, our dental office products are made of durable materials. For example, cotton dental rolls offer the necessary absorption and desired comfort for patients, ensuring the best possible experience during treatments.

Consumables for dentistry - high performance for precise and safe treatments

To carry out precise and detailed treatments, opt for disposable micro applicators available in various sizes. They are designed to provide excellent control and maneuverability for the precise application of substances during dental procedures. Regardless of whether it is the application of phosphoric acid, adhesives, or other substances, these products will help you achieve the desired results.

Opt for high-quality auxiliary dental materials to complete the equipment of your office. These materials include everything you need to carry out your activity efficiently and hygienically. From mouthpieces and spacers to syringes for injection of impression material, you will find everything you need for a well-equipped dental office. Choose the quality, performance, and reliability of dental supplies from Vetro. ro, and make sure you offer your patients impeccable treatments.

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