Veterinary Oversleeves

Protective Oversleeves for Veterinary Use

Enhance your veterinary practice with high-quality oversleeves from Vetro Design. Our oversleeves are designed to provide protection against spills, stains, and contamination during veterinary procedures. Made from durable materials, these oversleeves offer reliable defense against fluids and ensure a hygienic environment for both animals and practitioners. Whether you're performing routine check-ups, surgeries, or grooming sessions, our oversleeves are essential for maintaining cleanliness and professionalism in your practice.

PRIMA Quality and Versatility

As part of our PRIMA line, these oversleeves uphold our commitment to excellence and reliability. They are suitable for various veterinary tasks, including wound care, vaccinations, and surgical procedures. Medical staff can trust in the superior quality and durability of our oversleeves to safeguard against potential hazards in the workplace. Additionally, pet owners can use these oversleeves at home to protect their clothing while administering medication or tending to their pets' needs. With their ease of use and practicality, our oversleeves provide peace of mind and ensure optimal hygiene in veterinary settings.

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