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Advanced Contamination Control with PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat

Discover the cutting-edge solution for contamination control with the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat. Available in various sizes ranging from 46x91 cm to 66x114 cm and containing 10 sets of 30 sheets per pack, this mat sets a new standard for cleanliness and hygiene in critical environments.


Superior Contaminant Trapping:  Crafted with precision, the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat effectively captures dust and debris from shoes and cartwheels, ensuring unparalleled cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Hassle-Free Replacement:  Featuring a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive, the mat boasts a low-profile design that requires no additional frame. With easy-peel polyethylene sheets, replacement is quick and convenient, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Enhanced Durability:  Engineered with a thickness of 1.55~1.80mm, each sheet offers a dirt removal effect of ≥99.9% and tensile strength of >1.2kg/cm, ensuring durability even under heavy usage.

Safe and Clean Formulation:  Formulated with water-based acrylic and antibacterial agents, the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat is free from benzoic acid, ensuring utmost safety and cleanliness in sensitive environments.

Versatile Applications:  Ideal for clean rooms, laboratories, electronic and semi-conductor industries, surgical rooms, and more, the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat is a versatile solution for maintaining pristine environments.

Perfect for Home or Workspace:  Beyond professional settings, this mat is perfect for safeguarding your home or workspace, preventing pets from tracking in debris, or preserving the cleanliness of sensitive floors like basketball courts or dance floors.

Easy Installation and Use:  Simply place the mat at entrances to surgeries, laboratories, or any other clean rooms to effectively remove dirt and contamination from shoes or wheels. Elevate cleanliness and hygiene standards effortlessly with the PRIMA Clean Room Sticky Mat.

PRIMA Sticky Mats - The Perfect Solution for Your Needs

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