Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometer - the ideal solution for measuring body temperature


The digital thermometer is also part of the category of health control devices, a very fast and accurate temperature measurement tool. It differs from the classic model by its accuracy and digital display, easy to read and interpret. Moreover, digital thermometers facilitate the measurement of body temperature in the case of babies and young children and have no toxic risk, unlike the classic ones, with mercury. Through non-contact functions, they are able to provide information related to body temperature in just a few seconds, without touching the skin. Discover in the offer digital thermometers at affordable prices, which are distinguished by the superior quality and accuracy of the results, but also other useful instruments in the medical act, such as blood pressure or glucometer.

Digital thermometers - discover a full range of accurate models at affordable prices


Digital thermometers are distinguished by infrared technology, which offers increased reliability, by the LCD digital display, easy to read and by the acoustic signal when the body temperature measurement is completed. On you will find a variety of models that can be used in various situations. Digital medical thermometers in the shape of a frog are ideal for children, measuring the temperature in about 10 seconds. Those with a flexible tip offer increased comfort, being suitable for oral, rectal and axillary measurements. The thermometer with sensors allows measuring the body temperature at the temple level, without touching, and can be used by several people without being sanitised. Another model is the infrared medical digital thermometer, which is used at the level of the auditory canal. Regardless of the medical specialisation of the office, in our portfolio you will find an extensive range of products for the activity you carry out.

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