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Urine and Stool Collection Containers - Products Designed to Protect Samples Until Processing

Urine or stool collection containers are very important for medical investigations as well as for research. These are designed to collect and store various types of biological samples such as blood, urine, saliva, tissues, and other bodily fluids. Of course, we are talking about sterile urine collectors, which guarantee the protection of the obtained sample without the risk of cross-contamination and erroneous results.

There are many types of collection containers for stool and urine, each designed for a specific type of biological sample. Additionally, there are products for blood collection in the form of glass or plastic tubes, often equipped with a special additive for blood preservation. The tubes may contain anticoagulants (such as EDTA, heparin, or citrate) to prevent coagulation, or they may be plain tubes for serum collection.


Urine and Stool Collection Containers, Specially Created for Accurate and Fast Results

By collecting biological samples, doctors can perform tests to diagnose different health conditions or pathologies. For example, with the help of laboratory supplies and consumables, the tests performed can reveal abnormalities in glucose, lipid, hormone levels, and various cells, providing clues about diabetes, infections, hormonal dysfunctions, and many more.

Urine and stool collection containers are important for monitoring patient treatment. Regular testing of biological samples allows doctors to determine the effectiveness of the treatment and make adjustments based on the patient's progress.

Regardless of the type of tests you usually perform for your patients, at Vetro Design, you will find all the necessary items, including high-quality laboratory instruments. Choose urine and stool collection containers or other devices that help patients collect the samples needed for investigations!

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