Vinyl Gloves for Cosmetic Procedures

Discover our premium vinyl examination gloves tailored specifically for cosmeticians and beauty professionals. At Vetro Design, we offer a diverse range of gloves designed to uphold the highest standards of hygiene and safety in cosmetic procedures.

Explore Versatile Vinyl Examination Gloves

  • Ideal for precise cosmetic applications, providing protection and sensitivity.
  • Offering added coverage for hands and wrists during intricate cosmetic treatments.
  • Gentle on sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and safety for clients during beauty procedures.

General Use: Vinyl examination gloves are essential tools for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in cosmetic studios and beauty salons. Whether performing facials, manicures, or other treatments, these gloves provide a protective barrier against contaminants, chemicals, and skincare products. Designed for flexibility and comfort, vinyl gloves offer cosmeticians the dexterity and tactile sensitivity needed for delicate procedures.

Experience Quality with PRIMA Brand

Trust in the quality and reliability of PRIMA vinyl examination gloves, available exclusively at Vetro Design. Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of the cosmetic industry, PRIMA gloves offer superior performance and peace of mind. Elevate your cosmetic practice with PRIMA gloves and prioritize the safety and satisfaction of your clients.


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