Sterilisation Pouches and Rolls

Sterilisation pouches - a necessary equipment in medical units, laboratories and other environments where sterilisation is essential

Sterilisation pouches are designed to be used together with various sterilisation methods, such as Pupinel sterilisation. Sterilisation pouches are available in a variety of sizes to suit the various items to be sterilised.

In general, the variants of sterilisation pouches have a variety of closure methods, including peel-type pouches, self-sealing pouches, and heat-sealing pouches. The sterilisation pouches from are self-sealing, that is, they have a built-in adhesive tape that eliminates the need for thermal sealing. 

Sterilisation pouches - essential to ensure the destruction of pathogens

Sterilisation pouches are usually sold in roll form, which makes them easy to store and use when needed. Rolls with sterilisation pouches are used to keep instruments sterile in medical facilities and laboratories.

The sterilisation pouches on a roll can be easily separated and cut to the desired size, which is very easy. Certain models have an indicator strip that changes colour when the bag has been sterilised, providing visual confirmation that the instrument has been properly sterilised.

To make sure that the instruments do not perforate the pouches, they can be wrapped (with special attention to the sharp tips) in sterilisation paper, a resistant material, free of solvents, compatible with the different sterilisation methods mentioned previously.

So, to ensure a complete and efficient sterilisation, it is recommended to use sterilisation pouches and paper, thus the spread of infections can be prevented. Our store offers a wide range of sizes, with applicability in any medical field.

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