At Vetro Design we deliver medical equipment to improve patient care. Our spirometry mouthpieces come in different diameters, all you have to do is to choose the best one for your needs. 


Explore our wide selection of disposable spirometry mouthpieces: 


  • Disposable spirometer mouthpieces for spirometry
  • PRIMA Nose clip for spirometry
  • Antibacterial/antiviral filter with HME humidifier
  • Oxylog antibacterial filter


Our main paramount objective is to boost the quality of care and to increase the quality of life for the customers we serve. Our spirometry mouthpieces are used in hospitals and clinics, both by general practitioners and pulmonologists who provide spirometry tests. 


We put our customers' needs first, that's why we offer a wide range of reliable medical products at affordable prices.


What is spirometry? 


Spirometry is the process of measuring breath and it is the most common of the pulmonary function tests, measuring lung function, specifically the measurement of the volume and speed of air that can be inhaled and exhaled. Spirometry is an important and helpful tool used to analyze conditions such as asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis. 


We care about our customers that's why we offer them the best solutions for their needs, as follows:


  • Competitive prices
  • Easy purchasing solutions
  • Strict quality control
  • FREE shipping for orders over 150EUR
  • Delivery in 1 - 7 days all over the world
  • Pick-up option from our warehouse
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