Endodontic Materials

In this category you’ll find a large variety of products used in endodontic treatment, which is the procedure to save the tooth when the pulp and/or periradicular tissues are injured. The materials are used for temporary closure of access cavities in teeth during endodontic treatment, root canal filling materials, and materials used for retrograde filling of the root canal, repair of root perforations.

  • SYNTEX is a root canal filling and sealing material intended for use as a permanent root canal filling of the permanent teeth using gutta-percha  points or a permanent root canal filling of the permanent teeth using root  canal points. The material can be used for all techniques of the root canal  sealing. It is perfect for thermic methods.
  • Calciplast Forte is a product intended for use during dental treatment as material for temporary root canal fillings. It improves the  rebuilding of damaged periapical tissues and has a drying effect on the exudates in the root canal.
  • Yellow Porcelain is a paste with 9.5% hydrofluoric acid that allows the repair of prostheses directly in the patient's oral cavity; It is used for repairing ceramic and fiberglass veneers.
  • Alustat Gel is a hemostatic gel used to stop bleeding during and after dental treatments. It prevents local inflammation and stops the light bleeding of the gums. It has astringent and an anti-inflammatory action on the gums and has a vasoconstrictor effect.
  • Red Detector is intended for locating the caries lesion.

  • Blue Etch Demineralizing gel for the enamel is used to increase the adhesion on light-curing or chemically polymerized linings, as well as on orthodontic appliances. It can be used before sealing cavities, linings or cracks. The reaction between o-phosphoric acid and the mineral components of the tooth achieves an increased adhesion, thus the enamel becoming dull.It does not leak on surfaces or on the edge of the enamel. Doesn't clog the applicator or dries it inside the instrument, even after 48 hours

  • 40% Citric Acid is a preparation for rinsing root canals. It removes the smear layer formed during the mechanical preparation of the canal. This allows for the opening of the dentinal tubules, thorough cleaning of their interior from the remains of the pulp, and for a better preparation of the sealant. It allows you to uncover, clean and fill the canals.

  •  Zinc Oxide 50g is a powdered material that can be used for lining the root canal, closing the cavity or devitalizing the inlay or as a surgical cement.  It has an antibacterial effect and helps heal the wounds.



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