Leather Clogs

Natural leather medical clogs - comfort and freedom of movement throughout the day

Comfort and durability of work equipment are very important in many fields. Both women's medical leather clogs and men's leather clogs can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and more, representing a smart choice due to the increased comfort they offer, even after several hours of wear. The sole is resistant and soft at the same time - an essential aspect for those who spend hours on their feet or who are involved in activities that require a lot of movement.

Medical clogs made of high-quality leather resist wear, keeping their appearance for a long time. Thus, like the unisex medical costumes made of fabrics resistant to many wears, the leather clogs will not deteriorate and thus will not have to be replaced often.


Medical leather clogs - provide stability and safety

The natural leather of this type of work shoe allows the feet to breathe, preventing excessive sweating and the formation of unpleasant odors. In addition, medical clogs made of natural leather are specially created to provide stability and safety while walking. Their non-slip sole prevents slipping on wet surfaces, where there is a risk of contact with disinfectant solutions or other liquids.

Vetro Design offers its customers comfortable medical uniforms, as well as high-quality leather medical clogs for women and men. They are available in various sizes and designs and can be worn with confidence during work hours.

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