Sterilisation and Disinfectants

In this category you'll find a large variety of surface and instruments disinfectants as well as hand sanitizer.

Our offer includes:

  • Disinfectant for hands and teguments, with antiseptic and disinfectant effect. Creates an optimal layer of protection and is  gentle on the skin.

    For hygienic hand disinfection, 3 ml of product is recommended to massage the hands for 30 seconds, and for surgical hand disinfection 2.5-3 ml is recommended for 3 minutes.

  • Enzymatic cleaner for instruments. The product is used for washing medical instruments. The enzymatic complex in the composition helps to remove organic residues. The concentration of the working solution can be increased depending on the degree of soiling of the instrumentation

  • Biocidal disinfectant is used to disinfect the air in rooms. Airborne microorganisms can be harmful, especially in busy areas, such as train stations, airports, malls, banks, supermarkets, cinemas, and the use of disinfectants designed for microaeroflora sanitizes and transforms workspaces, and not only, in safe and healthy environments.

  • Bionet A15 is a concentrated surface disinfectant indicated for disinfection and washing of surfaces: floors, tables, operating rooms, medical equipment, dirty linen, food production and sales areas, installations that must be disinfected by wiping or spraying. It has a double effect: it cleans and disinfects simultaneously while also removing  unpleasant odors. A broad spectrum of activity without chlorine, glutaraldehyde or formaldehyde.

  • Liquid soap disinfectant. The PRESTISEPT product is indicated for washing and sanitizing hands. The product is recommended for use in hygiene in the field of public food, food industry, etc. and in general in the fields of activity in which strict hygiene rules are imposed.


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