3 wire EKG cable for EKG Nihon Kohden

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Product code 1765-02
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This product consists of instrument side connector, cable, splitter, splitter plug, conductor wire, connector electrode, all materials are medical PVC, the terminals and the connector consist of pure copper parts. Instructions of use: 1. Insert the side connector of the instrument EKG cable into the EKG socket and connect the splitter at the outlet. 2. Connect the appropriate electrodes of each electrode connector. Note: Some equipment may require a disposable electrode to guarantee the measurement accuracy; we recommend that you do not reuse it. 3. The electrode should be connected to the patient's body through a saline plate, or natural saline, after the electrode has been fixed. Note: each electrode corresponds to the position of the human body, without error. 4. Normal monitoring. 5. Depending on the function of the device, device cable states may be required (for details, please see equipment manual) Security Instructions: a) Make sure that you select the electrode correctly, that it also fits the EKG cable connector, depending on the test location and equipment requirements, which may differ; therefore there may be different models of electrodes. If you can't fit them and signal transmission is obstructed, please replace with other models of electrodes or other EKG cable. b) Make sure that each electrode is marked with the correct location. c) This EKG cable is used for specialized medical instruments and it is the responsibility of the operator to check whether or not compatible or incompatible parts or equipment will affect the accuracy of the test; lack compatibility may damage the device or this EKG conductor.
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Length 18
Width 19.7
Height 2.5
MPN 1765-02
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