Adult diapers for incontinence, size XL, 10 pieces

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Product code 0903-10XL
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Characteristics: - Protects 100% against leaks; - Dry and comfortable surface; - Special elastics prevent any leakage outside, providing safety; - The polymer gel and the upper layer of non-woven material ensure the blocking of moisture inside so that the surface is dry and comfortable; - Humidity indicator; - The written/printed indicator disappears or fades when the diaper is completely wet; - Adjustable fixing bands; - Disposable; - Absorbency: M-1200ml, L-1500ml, XL-1500ml. Instructions for use: 1. Find out your weight in order to choose the appropriate size. 2. Put the diaper on - but be careful not to squeeze too hard and let the skin breathe. If two fingers fit between the diaper and the skin, the diaper is attached correctly. 3. Fold the used diaper and throw it in the appropriate waste container.
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Length 18
Width 18
Height 30
MPN 0903-10XL
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