Autoclavable Clogs, PRIMA, anti-slip sole, antibacterial insoles, sizes 35-46

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Tailored for medical professionals, our footwear features lateral perforations for enhanced airflow, ensuring continual comfort and freshness. The removable five-layered insoles boast exceptional sweat absorption, hygiene functionalities, and antibacterial properties, effectively curbing undesirable odors throughout wear.

PRIMA autoclavable clogs with a non-slip sole, CE mark, unisex, made of polymer rubber, can be used in the medical field, in hospitals, operating rooms, clinics, beauty salons, in all places where hygiene and safety standards are required (pharmacies, food industry, etc.).

Clogs can be autoclaved up to 134°C (70 min) in the washing machine.
Clean only with water and a soft brush; never use alcohol, petrol derivatives (thinners), or chemical agents. These products can affect the material, causing damage that is not immediately visible. After use, never put wet clogs in contact with heat sources, but let the clogs dry in a well-ventilated place at room temperature.

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