Collagen periodental biocompatible absorbable membrane, 25x25x0.2 mm

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Biocollagen collagen membrane 25x25x0.2 mm for periodontal use is biocompatible, resorbable, sterile and is used as an anti-invasion epithelial membrane in bone regeneration operations through grafts. It acts as a barrier for 4-6 weeks, after which the product begins to be reabsorbed by endogenous collagenase. Instructions of use: If necessary, shape the membrane before hydrating. Hydrate for 1-2 minutes in a sterile physiological solution. Do not hydrate where there is significant bleeding. Apply to cover the bone graft. Does not require affixing with osteosynthesis means. The device is disposable and for use on one patient only. It cannot be reused or resterilised. Use of the product in direct combination with pharmaceutical products has not been tested. BIOCOLLAGEN®: BIOCOLLAGEN® (membrane) must be positioned to cover the entire graft surface: any unprotected portions will be quickly invaded by epithelial and connective cells, causing partial or total failure of bone regeneration. Smoothly suture the soft tissues, perfectly sealing the surgical site. In the event of exposure and no infection is present, intervene to restore the connective covering. The exposed membrane is absorbed by endogenous collagenase more quickly, with a consequent reduction in its period of protection. In the event of exposure and infection, remove all the grafted material, subject the patient to antibiotic treatment if appropriate, and repeat the bone regeneration operation after a minimum of four weeks.
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Length 2.7
Width 2.7
Height 5
MPN 1990-25x25
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