Bone Graft Composite, 355-500 microns, 2 grams

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Product code 1887-2G-05
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The Neobone bone graft composite is presented in the form of granules for filling bone defects. The doctor decides which form / model is best applicable for each of the intended applications. Properties/ Effects: Neobone is quickly osseointegrated due to its chemical composition similar to the human bone mineral phase and due to its interconnected porosity, which allows a total vascularization of the implant. The biphasic composition of Neobone ensures more efficient bone growth, because tricalcium phosphate is dissolved faster than hydroxyapatite, the resorption rate increases, as well as the formation of new bone.
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Length 12
Width 2.5
Height 9
MPN 1887-2G-05
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