PRIMA Sterile cotton gauze swabs, 10x10cm 50 pieces

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Sterile cotton gauze swabs are highly absorbent being ideal to clean and prepare wounds for dressing. Have a balanced combination of softness, abrasive texture and absorbency for effectively cleaning wounds. Extremely low linting. It removes easily from the wound. 100% cotton fabric, uniform, smooth, bleached and purified fabric, white, odorless, tasteless, country impurities and free of weaving defects, degreased, sticky, absorbent, unapproachable, lint-free or fluffy print, with cut edges. Other characteristics of the product: - Thickness: 19/15 40S. - Weight: 13g/m2. - Absorption rate: 10 seconds. - For single use only. - Sterile - Acidity and alkalinity: absent It does not turn yellow, it does not lose its physical qualities when sterilized. Applications Medical: for cleaning and covering minor wounds.
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