Dental floss with mint flavor, 91.4m

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Dental floss with mint flavor has the following advantages: • cleans around appliances and between wide spaces; • removes plaque under the germline; • cleans around the teeth and spaces between them; • reduce the possibility of acidic foods to attack the tooth enamel; • removes plaque under the gums; • use of regular flossing reduces the risk of plaque formation located just below the base of the teeth and gums, which increases the life of the tooth, reducing the possibility of periodontal disease, and improves comfort. • Instructions of use: 1.Tear off a piece of floss large enough, about 40 cm. 2. Wrap the floss at both ends, on the index fingers of the hands until still remain around 4-5 cm free, which they will use to clean interdental spaces effectively. 3. Introduce the floss with perfect wire stretched around the first tooth you want to clean (start from left to right or vice versa, on each arch). Make sure you are exercising a controlled pressure, so you won’t damage the gums. 4. Begin to move the floss up and down about 5-6 times, to clean interdental spaces. Curve the floss easy then, to form the letter "C" around the tooth and pull one end and the other, alternately moving it up and down to clean the inner surface of the teeth plaque. Do the same with all the teeth, including molars. 5. When you draw the thread and notice that is raveled, it's time to free up fingers wrapped in length of the floss and use a new piece, perfectly smooth, so it will clean teeth properly. 6. Finally, rinse teeth with mouthwash or denture plain water to remove completely residues and traces of plaque.
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