Diamond FG Burs 039-032 M, 10 pieces

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Elevate your dental practice with our Endodontic Diamond Burs, meticulously crafted for precision and durability. The burs designed to meet the exacting standards of dental professionals, ensuring reliable performance in endodontic procedures. Constructed with high-quality materials, these burs feature a stainless steel handle and a head made of natural diamond powder, nickel. The combination of these materials provides exceptional strength and longevity, allowing for smooth and precise cutting in various dental applications. • length of 19mm for: 006-M, 008-M, 010-M, 012-M, 014-M, 017-C, 017-M, 018-C, 018-M, 023- C, 023-M, 014-C, 014S-M, 016-C and 016-M These burs are essential tools for endodontists and dental professionals performing root canal treatments, cavity preparations, and other intricate dental procedures. The natural diamond powder head ensures efficient cutting and minimizes patient discomfort, resulting in superior outcomes and patient satisfaction.
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MPN 1270-039-032-M-10
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