PRIMA Rubber Tourniquet, Blue, Latex-Free, 50 cm

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Safety and efficiency are paramount when it comes to managing emergencies. The PRIMA synthetic rubber medical tourniquet, sized at 50 cm, is the ideal ally for swift and precise interventions in cases of massive bleeding. Crafted from white synthetic rubber, this tourniquet is designed to act as an elastic, halting blood circulation in the affected area. With a thickness of just 0.05cm, it is easy to maneuver and does not contain latex, thus minimizing the risk of allergic reactions. Its usage is intuitive, practical, and efficient, capable of being applied with one hand and undone with a simple press. It must be positioned above the wounded area, over a soft material such as a compress or bandage. The exact time of application can be noted for future reference. Additionally, the tourniquet is easy to clean and offers a secure release, ensuring the intervention is swift and without complications. Its tightening does not cause pain, and its compact size makes it ideal for emergency use. Indispensable in extreme cases, this non-sterile product is designed for temporary use to prevent the risk of tissue necrosis. Guaranteeing swift and efficient management of massive hemorrhages, the PRIMA medical tourniquet is the safe choice in critical situations.
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Length 10
Width 4
Height 4
MPN 0934-CAU
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