Gel burn spray, 50 ml

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The burn gel is used for minor burns. The hydrogel draws heat from the burns and cools them, providing pain relief and helping to stop the progression of the burn. The heat from the gel causes evaporation, which releases the heat into the air. The gel also keeps the wound site moist so the body doesn't lose more water, helping prevent burn victims from going into shock. The product is suitable in the following situations: - First degree burns - Superficial/partially deep burns/throughout the thickness of the dermis, caused by second degree burns, after crust formation - Burns caused by hot liquids - Sun burns. Instructions for use: 1. Clean the skin and the surrounding area with saline water. Dry the skin in the wound area. 2. Choose the appropriate dose of gel to ensure that it will cover the entire area, including the edges of the wound (2-3cm). Put the gel on the wound slowly, cover the entire surface and then cover the area with a medical bandage. Consult a specialist for the treatment of severe wounds. 3. Burn gels are easy to replace because they are soluble and easy to remove. Changing the compress depends on the environment. If the wound worsens after 15 minutes, wipe immediately with sterile water. Wipe off the gel left by the compress. The residue will be wiped off with sterile water
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