i-EDTA solution 17%, 50ml

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I-EDTA Solution is a root canal preparation solution based on EDTA acid (17%), being intended for chemo-mechanical root canal preparation procedures and composed of Diluent 80-85%, Disodium EDTA 17%, buffering agent > 1%, emulsifying agent <1%. I-EDTA Solution is developed for professional use in dentistry only. It uses only licensed doctor who knows how to use ordinary dental solutions. There is no need for specific training. Instructions of use: 1. Fill any suitable syringe with i-EDTA Solution. 2. Attach the irrigation needle to the syringe. 3. Delicate push the plunger and fill the solution into the canal. 4. Use root canal files to enlarge the canal. 5. Repeat the procedure until sufficient result is reached. 6. An alternating rinsing with 2.5 - 5% sodium hypochlorite solution is recommended.
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