PRIMA Polypropylene Surgical Sutures 75cm round needle 1/2 30cm USP 2/0

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Product code 1382-RA1/2-30-2/0
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Enhance your surgical procedures with PRIMA Polypropylene Surgical Sutures featuring a distinctive blue thread, boasting a length of 75cm and equipped with an atraumatic round needle 1/2 circle with a length of 30mm, USP 2/0, available in a pack of 12 pieces. These sutures find wide application in the medical field for suturing soft tissue and/or ligatures, utilizing both general and ophthalmic surgery techniques. Crafted from monofilament thread, these non-absorbable sutures are sterile and exhibit a smooth, non-porous surface, ensuring effortless and uniform tissue penetration. Usage Instructions: 1. Open the outer packaging, ensuring placement on a clean surface, and pull the two loose ends to reveal the sterile suture material bag. Handle the sterile bag only with sterile gloves, and open it by pulling the upper end. 2. Verify the strength of the knot. Avoid damaging the suture material by minimizing contact with surgical instruments (such as tweezers or forceps). 3. Grip the stainless steel needle halfway from its rear. Trim any excess suture material. 4. After use, dispose of the suture needles in a designated waste container for sharp points or edges. Elevate your surgical precision and efficiency with PRIMA Polypropylene Sutures, offering reliability and performance when it matters most.
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Material Polypropylene
MPN 1382-RA1/2-30-2/0
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