PRIMA Cosmetic headbands, made of PPSB, 34x10cm, M, 100 pcs

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Keep Hair Secure During Spa Treatments Elevate your spa experience with these PPSB stretch headband fascias from Vetro Design. Designed to provide comfort and convenience during facial treatments, these headbands are crafted from high-quality PPSB material for durability and reliability. Each headband is equipped with four circular elastics, ensuring a secure and snug fit to keep hair neatly in place while you indulge in relaxation. Perfect for use in spa centers or during at-home beauty rituals, these headbands offer a hassle-free solution to hair management, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pampering experience. Enjoy Hygienic and Disposable Convenience Maintain hygiene standards effortlessly with these disposable PPSB headbands. Individually packaged for convenience and cleanliness, each headband is ready for single-use, eliminating the need for washing and ensuring a fresh experience every time. The white color adds a touch of elegance to your spa ensemble, while the generous size of 34x10cm provides ample coverage and a comfortable fit for most users. Whether you're a professional esthetician or a beauty enthusiast, these headbands are an essential accessory for any facial treatment regimen, offering both practicality and comfort for a rejuvenating experience.
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Length 31
Width 17
Height 5.5
MPN 0147-100-M
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