PRIMA Flat sterilization reels, 150mmx200m, steam/EO sterilization indicator

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Flat sterilization reeels are designed to provide an excellent barrier for the packaging of sterile medical devices. They meet the requirements of the medical industry for high levels of quality, hygiene and safety. PRIMA flat reels are used for packaging Medical Devices before sterilization and maintain the sterility of the products after this process. PRIMA flat reels are easy to pack, and the indicator used for sterilization provides information about the sterilization status of medical devices. PRIMA flat reels are used for sterilization methods with steam, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde. Sterilization conditions should be determined by the end user regarding the material to be sterilized. The penetration performance of the sterilization factor in the conditions of 121°C for 30 minutes and 134°C for 4 minutes, make the products kept for 24 months at normal temperature and pressure to be all sterilized. Depending on the sterilization method, the indicator changes to different colors: • STEAM: blue before sterilization and brown/black after sterilization; • EO: pink before sterilization and yellow/orange after sterilization; • FORMALDEHYDE: red before sterilization and green after sterilization.
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