PRIMA Heymann nasal scissors, 18 cm

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Introducing the PRIMA Heymann Nasal Scissors, an essential tool for precision nasal procedures in otorhinolaryngology. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these nasal scissors feature curved and elongated blades, measuring 18 cm in length, to ensure optimal access and maneuverability during delicate nasal surgeries. Designed specifically for submucosal resection and other nasal procedures, these scissors provide surgeons with the necessary precision and control to achieve optimal surgical outcomes. Ideal for use by medical professionals specializing in otorhinolaryngology, these nasal scissors offer reliable performance and durability. The sterilizable design ensures adherence to strict hygiene protocols, minimizing the risk of infection and cross-contamination during surgical procedures. Whether performing intricate nasal surgeries or routine procedures, the PRIMA Heymann Nasal Scissors deliver the precision and quality required to meet the demands of modern medical practice, enhancing patient safety and surgical efficiency.
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