PRIMA Mixing rods, white, 114x4mm, 100 pieces

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Effortless Mixing for Professional Results Elevate your mixing process with PRIMA Mixing Rods from Vetro Design. These white plastic rods, measuring 114x4mm, offer exceptional flexibility and durability for a range of applications. With their long handle and wide, flat end, these disposable mixing sticks are designed for effortless blending of substances in laboratories, dental clinics, and hospitals. Whether you're mixing dental compounds, pharmaceutical ingredients, or laboratory solutions, these rods provide precise control and consistent results every time. Their disposable nature ensures hygiene and eliminates the need for cleaning, making them ideal for busy work environments where efficiency is paramount. Versatile and Convenient PRIMA Mixing Rods are essential tools for professionals seeking reliable performance and convenience. Their wide and flat end allows for thorough mixing of substances without the risk of spillage or contamination. Whether you're a dental practitioner preparing dental impressions or a laboratory technician blending chemicals, these mixing rods offer the versatility and precision you need to achieve optimal results. Stock up on these disposable mixing sticks from Vetro Design and streamline your mixing process for enhanced productivity and efficiency in your workplace.
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Color White
Length 15
Width 12
Height 1.5
MPN 1364
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