PRIMA Sterile cotton gauze swab, 5x5cm, 12 pleats, 100 pieces

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Ensure Sterile Wound Care with PRIMA Cotton Gauze Swabs Experience superior wound care with PRIMA Sterile Cotton Gauze Swabs from Vetro Design. These high-quality gauze swabs, measuring 5x5cm with 12 pleats, are meticulously crafted to provide optimal absorbency during medical procedures and surgeries. Made from soft and breathable cotton, each swab is sterile to prevent contamination, ensuring safe and hygienic wound dressing. Whether used in hospitals, clinics, or at home, these gauze swabs are essential for promoting proper wound healing and preventing infection. Versatile and Reliable Designed for versatility, PRIMA Sterile Cotton Gauze Swabs are suitable for a wide range of applications in the medical field. Medical professionals can rely on these swabs for wound cleaning, dressing, and absorption of fluids during surgical procedures. Their compact size and convenient packaging make them ideal for emergency first aid kits and home medicine cabinets, providing peace of mind knowing that you have reliable wound care essentials on hand when needed. Trust PRIMA and Vetro Design for premium quality and sterile cotton gauze swabs that prioritize safety and effectiveness in wound management.
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Length 10
Width 8
Height 16
MPN 1890-100
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