PRIMA Sterile endocervical brushes, 50 pieces

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PRIMA Sterile Endocervical Brushes: Precision and Comfort in Sampling. PRIMA Sterile Endocervical Brushes are designed to ensure precise and comfortable sampling for gynecological procedures. Each brush features an anatomical shape that seamlessly follows the contours of the cervix, minimizing discomfort during insertion. With a tubular-round design and small brushes, they provide gentle yet effective sampling without causing any discomfort to the patient. Equipped with a rubber handle, these brushes offer a secure grip for healthcare professionals. These brushes are sterile, disposable, and individually packaged, guaranteeing hygiene and safety with every use. Ideal for collecting samples for Pap smears, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhea tests from the endocervical canal, they are a reliable choice for medical practitioners and patient comfort. Instructions for Use: Insert the brush into the endocervix until all the brushes are inserted into the endocervical canal, then rotate it slightly by 90-180˚ in the same direction before gently removing the cervical brush. Choose PRIMA Sterile Endocervical Brushes for precise and comfortable sampling procedures.
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Length 24
Width 11
Height 5
MPN 1031-50-STE
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