Rubber stopper syringe caps, 100 pieces

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Enhance the efficiency of your syringe dosing system with the Rubber Stopper Syringe Caps, available in a pack of 100 pieces. Crafted from high-quality synthetic rubber, these stoppers are designed to fit Luer Slip syringes and ensure a secure closure to prevent contamination or leakage of substances during short-term storage. Engineered for reliability and compatibility, these caps provide a tight seal for syringes, allowing for precise and controlled dosage administration in medical, laboratory, or pharmaceutical settings. With their durable construction and easy-to-use design, these rubber stopper caps offer a convenient solution for maintaining the integrity of syringe contents, ensuring optimal performance and safety in various healthcare applications. Please note that while these syringe caps are not sterile, they play a crucial role in safeguarding the contents of syringes from external contaminants and minimizing the risk of spillage or leakage. Whether used by medical professionals, laboratory technicians, or individuals administering medications at home, these rubber stopper syringe caps provide an essential accessory for preserving the quality and potency of pharmaceutical substances during storage and transportation.
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Length 16.5
Width 10
Height 1
MPN 1617
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