Sample Tube Urine 16x100mm 10ml 300pc

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Efficient Urine Sample Collection Streamline your urine sample collection process with these 16x100mm sample tubes from Vetro Design. Designed for single-use applications, each tube is made of durable plastic and features a transparent construction, allowing for easy visualization of sample contents. With a volume capacity of 10ml and a round shape, these tubes offer ample space for urine samples while ensuring convenient handling and storage. Versatile and Practical Ideal for medical facilities, laboratories, and clinics, these sample tubes are essential for urine analysis and testing. Medical staff can efficiently collect, store, and transport urine samples for diagnostic purposes, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Additionally, these tubes can also be used by individuals at home for various applications, such as monitoring personal health or conducting at-home tests. With 300 pieces per pack, these sample tubes provide ample supply for your urine sample collection needs, making them a practical and reliable choice for healthcare professionals and individuals alike. Characteristics: • Color: transparent • Size: 16x100mm • Material: plastic • Volume: 10ml • Round shape • Single use.
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Length 50
Width 40
Height 7
MPN 1067-EPR-300
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