PRIMA Silk Surgical Sutures 75cm round needle 3/8 20mm USP 0

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Elevate your surgical procedures with PRIMA Silk Surgical Sutures featuring a black thread, boasting a length of 75cm, and equipped with an atraumatic round needle 3/8 circle with a length of 20mm, USP 0. These sterile, non-absorbable sutures come in a package of 12, providing reliability and precision in every application. Crafted from braided fibers sourced from the cocoon of the silkworm, these sutures exhibit the following characteristics: • Braided Multifilament Type: Offering strength and flexibility for easy handling and precise placement. • Silicone Coating: Ensuring smooth passage and secure knots. • Moderate Tissue Reaction: Initiating a controlled inflammatory response followed by gradual tissue encapsulation. • High Tensile Strength: Providing durable tissue support for extended periods. • Braided or Twisted Structure: For secure tissue approximation. • Coated Multifilament: Enhancing performance and knot security. • Hermetically Sealed Packing: Ensuring product sterility and integrity. These silk sutures offer a range of benefits: • Extended Tissue Support: Maintains tissue approximation for up to 3 months. • Excellent Handling Properties: Facilitates precise placement and knot tying. • High Flexibility: Adapts to tissue contours for optimal wound closure. • Excellent Knot Security: Ensures reliable wound closure. • Soft Tissue Passage: Minimizes trauma and tissue drag. • Good Knot Tie Down/Adjustability: Allows for precise knot adjustment. • Reduced Capillary Action: Minimizes fluid wicking for improved wound healing. Indicated for a variety of soft tissue closure and ligation procedures, including: • General Surgery; • Skin Closure; • Ophthalmic Surgery; • Oral Surgery; • Gastrointestinal Surgery; • Gynecology; • Obstetrics. However, these sutures are contraindicated for use in the urinary tract, biliary tract, and in patients with known allergies or sensitivities to silk. Choose PRIMA Silk Surgical Sutures for superior surgical outcomes and patient care.
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MPN 1113-RA3/8-20-0
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