Venom Extractor 1 suction cup NB 1pc

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he venom extractor for reducing the amount of poison that can spread in the body, extracting the venom of bees, wasps, scorpions, or spiders. It is used in case of bite or sting. The effect of the device is all the better, the faster it is used. The venom extractor is a first aid device, suitable for all ages, especially recommended for those allergic to stings. Instructions for use: 1. Clean the affected area; 2. Pull the plunger of the extractor and attach the suction cup; 3. Position above the bite and push the plunger - wait 30 seconds. Remove the extractor (pull the piston first), clean the area with an alcohol swab; 4. Repeat the procedure.
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Length 25
Width 11
Height 1
MPN 0765-NB-1V
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