2000ml adult urinal bag with cross valve, 10 pieces

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The PRIMA urine drainage bag for adults drains body fluid or urine. It has a capacity of 2000ml, with a T outlet, is sterile, graduated, and allows the quick evaluation of the urine volume discharged. The urinary bag is provided with an emptying device and an anti-reflux valve. Designed for user comfort, our urine bag has easy-to-use components and a simple setup, making it easy to use for both medical professionals and patients. The urine bag is manufactured using sterile materials and complies with strict hygiene standards, minimizing the risk of infection and ensuring a clean and safe urine collection process. With an integrated anti-reflux valve, our urine bag prevents urine from flowing back into the tube, reducing the risk of contamination and increasing user comfort.
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Length 31
Width 21
Height 5
MPN 0378-2000T-10
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