Vetro Design ensures and guarantees the conformity of the purchased products as well as the possible hidden defects, declaring on its own responsibility; that the products marketed do not endanger life, health, safety at work and do not have a negative impact on the environment.

Products purchased through the site benefit from a characteristic warranty period, specified on the site, on the product page. The product will be accompanied by a warranty certificate.


Please check all purchased products before use, carefully read the instructions for use of each product. 

Check purchased products for any visible defects. 

Complaints received after the product has been used are not considered.

If purchased products have manufacturing defects, return them with their original packaging.

Products with manufacturing defects found by the Seller will be replaced or the Buyer will be refunded for defective products. 

Before use, read the product labels carefully (with instructions for use) and keep them in case of a complaint, but also to know how to clean and maintain the product in the future.

Return Policy

Purchased products can be returned according to OG 130/2000 . They may be returned in their original packaging and in the same condition in which they were received, within 14 days of their receipt & nbsp; without penalties and without invoking any reason.

The return of the products will be made exclusively at the Client's expense and all the benefits received on the occasion of the purchase will be retained (transport costs, promotional products, discounts garanted, etc.), unless the goods have been shipped incorrectly or are defective through the Supplier.

The value of the returned products will be paid within a maximum of 14 days from their return, by bank transfer.

Product Return Conditions:

The goods are whole, clean, in the original packaging intact (no traces of dirt, scotch, stings, tears, scratches) and have not expired in the meantime.

Exempted from the exercise of the right of return: products made to order, according to the Customer's specifications and instructions or customized for him, products that can deteriorate or degrade quickly, products which are part of an assembly and cannot be separated from the other components.

After 48 hours of receiving a product, it is subject to the Terms of Service or Warranty and cannot be returned, only repaired or replaced.

Return to Service Conditions:

In order to benefit from the guarantee, it is mandatory to present the invoice and the Guarantee Certificate. The product will be accompanied by all the accessories with which to & nbsp; purchased and delivered.

The claimed product must contain all the elements necessary for identification, written on the purchase document, on the label, packaging or marked directly on it (batch / series, etc.).

If the products are sent in service, it is recommended (but not mandatory) to be sent in the original packaging, they must not have traces of cracks or bumps.

For products whose packages show visible damage upon receipt, it is recommended to receive them in front of the carrier or refuse the package.

The package must be photographed and a report must be drawn up, mentioning the condition of the package at the time of delivery.

If a consumer-loaded carrier is used, the risk is transferred when the products are delivered to the carrier.

NO Returns for legal orders are accepted.

The product warranty does not cover the following situations:

    • Defects caused by misuse
    • Thermal, mechanical and plastic damage to the product & nbsp; due to accidents, vibrations, weather, negligence in use or other factors independent of the Manufacturer
    • Using the product & nbsp; in inappropriate conditions (eg improper supply voltage, actions of chemicals, noxious substances, smoke, dust or moisture & nbsp; etc)
    • Using the product in applications that require performance and quality, others & nbsp; than those offered by the class and purpose for which this product is intended or outside its technical specifications
    • Failure to follow instructions for use & nbsp; or installation provided in the product manual
    • Using batteries, power supplies, or accessories, etc. & nbsp; than those produced, approved or recommended by the Manufacturer
    • Changing the original state of the product through unauthorized interventions
    • Loss or damage to the warranty certificate

The warranty period is automatically extended by the length of time the product is held by the Supplier for justified and approved service procedures.

When returning the product you must complete RETURN FORM which it is sent in the package together with the returned goods, using the same courier with which the shipment was made.

Send the package to the following address:


Str. Soldat Constantin Dragan, Nr. 20, Sector 3, 032855, Bucharest, ROMANIA