Animal fleece hoodie for cats and dogs, 25x28cm

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Product code 2020-T080
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Fleece hoodie with long sleeves for the front paws, ideal for small dogs and cats, 25x28cm, size S. The sweatshirt closes with three staples, being very easy to use, without the risk of catching the skin or fur of the animal. It is a perfect way to close, as it cannot be easily opened on all fours. The hood is perfect for cold or rainy weather, preventing water from reaching the animal's ears, which is very important for cats, as the ears must always be protected from water. The front part of the hoodie has two long sleeves that cover the front paws, protecting against cold and wind. The back of the sweatshirt is open, allowing the animal to move freely without feeling pressure in the lower body. At the same time, it can be walked without the risk of soiling the sweatshirt, being open in this part. The sweatshirt is made of fleece, perfect for autumn-winter or even spring, in the case of animals more sensitive to cold. The material is of high quality, and the sweatshirt is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, so that it satisfies both the needs of the quadruped and those of its owner.
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Length 10.5
Width 8.7
Height 9
MPN 2020-T080
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