Demineralizing acid, for enamel and dentine, 4 syringes x 4.3grams, 20 tips

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i-GELN is a thixotropic gel with phosphoric acid with an optimal viscosity level. The presentation of the syringes with special tips allows the demineralizing gel to be placed in any desired location. i-GELN is intended for procedures for dental surface preparations and enamel or dentin demineralization. It contains Thinner 40-60%, phosphoric acid 37%, silicon dioxide 10-20%, thickener 5-10%, and pigment <1%. 10. Instructions of use: PREPARATION: 1. Prepare the surface as always. The working area must be kept dry. 2. If the surface to be etched is not freshly exposed, cleaning with an oil-free prophylaxis paste such as i-FASTE is recommended. 3. Attach the application tip to the syringe. 4. Flow a small amount of gel on the mixing pad. ETCHING: 1. Delicate push on the plunger and apply an etch layer on all surfaces to be etched. Do not force the plunger. 2. Leave etch gel in place for 15 seconds (dentine) and 30 seconds (enamel). 3. Rinse with water and dry with air. 4. Verify if the etched surface is clean and dry. 5. Use an adhesive such as i-BONDING.
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