Dual head stethoscope for adults

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Clean ear tips with soft pad or cotton swabs moistened with alchohol .Do not use any other chemicals Never use this device without ear tips in the proper place. Instructions of use: is indicated for use in the detection and amplification of sounds associated with various organs of human body. 1. Gently place a binaural into each ear. 2. It has two cavity shapes: - Flat chestpiece: for general use - Bell shaped chestpiece: used for low pitched sounds such an extra heart sounds. 3. Place the chestpiece on the appropiate body part. Move the chestpiece around slowly to obtain máximum aplification and clarity. 4. If you don’t hear the tapping soud, rótate the head 180˚; when it clicks, it is in the ready position. 5. Tap the diaphragm again; once the tapping is Heard, the stethocope is correctly set for use.
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Length 20.5
Width 9.5
Height 2.5
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