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Introducing the Floor Cotton Mop, a versatile cleaning essential designed to tackle dirt and grime on any type of flooring. Weighing 200 grams and crafted from 100% cotton, this mop is expertly engineered for optimal absorbency, ensuring efficient cleaning and polishing with every swipe. Whether you're cleaning hardwood, tile, laminate, or vinyl floors, this mop is your go-to solution for achieving spotless results. With its exceptional absorbency, the Floor Cotton Mop effortlessly lifts and traps dirt, dust, and hair, leaving your floors sparkling clean. Its dual-use design allows for both wet and dry cleaning, providing flexibility to suit your cleaning needs. Ideal for use in homes, offices, hospitals, and other commercial spaces, this mop is a reliable companion for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. Elevate your cleaning routine with the Floor Cotton Mop and enjoy floors that gleam with freshness and shine.
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Length 25
Width 11
Height 7
MPN 0111-200-NB
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