Fluorescein test for visualization of corneal epithelial defects, 100 pieces

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Fluorescein test contains ophthalmic strips soaked in fluorescein solution to visualize corneal epithelial defects or aberrations. Fluoro-Touch tests are made of paper soaked in fluorescein solution, and sterile packaged. These are diagnostic tests used in ophthalmology: • matching contact lenses; • determination of intraocular pressure; • measurement of tear film evaporation time (TBUT); • visualization of corneal epithelial defects. Instructions for use: 1. Carefully unfold the sterile sachet containing the test according to the instructions: Grasp the edges of the sachet between your thumb and forefinger, pull carefully, exposing the test from the inside, and remove the test, catching it by the square head. 2. Put a drop of distilled water, BSS, or local anesthetic on the colored end: the dye passes into the drop, but the colored portion softens, bends, and the drop tends to fall off. Hold the test tip up so that the colored drop does not fall, even though the colored end is curved. Tears on the bottom of the conjunctival sac can be used, but the maneuver is irritating without an anesthetic. 3. With the patient looking at the ceiling, move the eyelid apart and let the drop fall into the bottom of the lower sac. For homogenization, the patient will blink several times. 4. The determinations are made according to the specialized practices. IMPORTANT: This is an exclusive product for external use and should only be used by qualified personnel.
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