Gel burn dressing, 10x10 cm, 40 grams

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The sterile compress is impregnated with soothing gel for burns, 40 grams, size 10x10 cm. The compress impregnated with gel contains a large amount of water, approximately 90% purified water, emulsified silicone oil of medical quality, emulsifier, propylene glycol. After contact with the wound, on the one hand, the product provides a moist wound healing environment that contributes to the rapid healing of the wound, and on the other hand, the moisture evaporates slowly and removes the heat, thus easing the pain sensation. Compresses are generally used to cover burn wounds, to keep the wound moist. The product is used as a form of first aid only in the case of 1st and 2nd degree burns. It draws heat from a burn while relieving pain, cooling the skin and protecting against airborne contamination.
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Length 15.8
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MPN 1451-10X10
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