PRIMA Non-woven plaster, 20cmx10m

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Product code 1455-20X10
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Characteristics: • The plaster is ideal for the joint area and areas difficult to bandage; • Ideal for patients with hypersensitive skin and for those who tend to develop allergic reactions; • Horizontal and vertical elasticity; • Permeable to air and water vapor; • Pre-cut; • Does not contain latex; • Can be removed easily without leaving residues; • Non-woven material, white; • Transparent adhesive based on synthetic rubber; • Silicone paper, pre-cut corrugated; • Adhesion: minimum 9N / 25mm; • Water vapor permeability: 3000g/m2/24h; • Non-sterile, individually wrapped; • Omnifix type.
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MPN 1455-20X10
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