Oxygen mask with nebulizer for adults

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The sterile adult nebulizer oxygen mask has a reservoir capacity of 6ml and is used to help the patient breathe, separate the nose and mouth from the external environment, to ensure the oxygen regulator transports a certain oxygen concentration and gas pressure in human respiratory organs. The mask and the tube are made of PVC, the length of the tube is 200 cm and it is used in the short term, it is an invasive device with body holes. It has an anatomical shape for optimal comfort during use, it is fixed with the help of an elastic system that is attached to the head and has an adjustable metal plate. The mask has an adapter for coupling and a flexible hose that ensures adequate inhalation. The mask has a transparent nebulization device for the medicinal substance. The capacity of the nebulizer is 6 ml and it is graduated for measuring the medication. The nebulization device can also be used lying down and is provided with legs for very good stability, it is hermetically closed, to minimize the residual volume, to reduce the loss of medicine. Sizes: lenght 145±2cm, width 86±2cm, height 62±2cm. Inner diameter 4.0±0.5 mm. Outer diameter 6.0±0.5mm. Instructions for use: 1. Make sure that the mask covers the patient's nose and mouth; 2. Adjust the mask according to the patient's nose; 3. If the patient feels discomfort during breathing, enlarge the mask holes.
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Length 22
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