PE sheets for body wrapping, 10 pieces

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Enhance Your Spa Experience with Disposable PE Sheets Indulge in a luxurious spa treatment with these disposable PE sheets from Vetro Design. Measuring 1.60x2.00m, these transparent sheets offer ample coverage for body wrapping, providing clients with the ultimate relaxation experience. Perfect for use in beauty and spa salons, these sheets are designed for single-use, ensuring optimal hygiene and cleanliness during each session. Whether you're a professional esthetician or a spa enthusiast, these high-quality PE sheets are essential for maintaining a sanitary environment and enhancing the overall comfort of your clients. Convenient and Versatile Designed for convenience and versatility, these PE sheets are an essential addition to any beauty or spa salon. Their transparent design allows for easy monitoring of the body wrapping process, while their disposable nature eliminates the need for time-consuming cleanup. Simply discard after each use for hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind. Ideal for use during body treatments, massages, and wraps, these sheets provide a comfortable and hygienic barrier between the client's skin and the treatment surface. Elevate your spa services with these premium disposable PE sheets and ensure a luxurious experience for your clients every time.
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Length 36
Width 29
Height 2
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