Plastic hair rollers, 66mm, velcro, 6 pieces

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Velcro curlers are flexible, easy to use, hair friendly and used in adjusting hair curls for perfectly defined curls. Unpack the package and remove the product. Comb your hair well and apply (optionally) volume foam. Section the main parts well: the cap, the sides and the back. Each section is divided into several strands of hair, which can be thicker or thinner as you want the curls to come out. Comb each strand, rising from the base and rolling on the curler, starting from the top. Once it reaches the root of the hair, the strand is fixed on the curler. Repeat with the other strands until you cover the entire surface of the hair. Allow the hair to dry normally or dry with a hair dryer. After they have dried, you can peel off the strands and arrange your hairstyle. If you insert the comb or brush, you will damage the corrugation obtained. Use your fingers instead to arrange your hair in the desired shape. Size 60x66mm. Plastic. Quantity: 6 pieces. Yellow color.
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Length 26
Width 14
Height 7
MPN 1289-66
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