PRIMA Blood glucose test strips, 50 pieces

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Discover BS-101 PRIMA Glucose Test Strips: Reliability and Precision in Glucose Monitoring. PRIMA BS-101 glucose test strips are essential for those looking to monitor their glucose levels with ease and precision. Designed to be used exclusively with the PRIMA BS-102 glucometer, these strips come equipped with a calibration device for accurate results. Principle of the test: Using the latest in biological detection technology, the PRIMA glucometer measures blood glucose concentration with extraordinary precision. When you apply a blood sample to the test strip, a small electric current is generated in reaction between the chemicals on the strip and glucose. The device measures this current and displays the result on the display window. These strips are designed to be used exclusively with fresh capillary whole blood samples. Individuals with diabetes can use this system to monitor glycemic control. It is important to note that the glucometer should not be used for diagnosing diabetes or testing newborns. The benefits of PRIMA BS-101 glucose test strips include: • Reliability and precision in results; • Easy to use and interpret; • Exclusive compatibility with the PRIMA BS-102 glucometer; • Calibration device included for accurate results. Discover the PRIMA BS-101 Glucose Test Strips now and ensure efficient monitoring of glucose levels for optimal health control.
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